Public Stakeholders Event: Tatanka Bluffs To Create a Regional Recreation Destination

Public Stakeholders Event: Tatanka Bluffs To Create a Regional Recreation Destination

March 8th, 2012

We are asking you to join us from 10 a.m. till Noon on Friday, March 16th for our “Shareholders Event”, taking place at the Renville County Government Center.    This will be a two hour session about Tatanka Bluffs Corridor and their efforts to create a regional recreation destination along the “heart of the Minnesota River Valley”.

Here is a list of our wonderful presenters:

Loran Kaardal and Julie Rath – Agenda Coordinators

Dennis Frederickson     
DNR Regional Director

Cathi Fouchi            
DNR Regional Planner

Alice Hanley       
Blueway Trails Corridor  

Brad Cobb       
Green Corridor

Marvin Breitkreutz       
Green Corridor Horse Trails

Duane Anderson   
Minnesota Valley ATV Riders 

Mark Erickson   
Blandin Foundation Planning Grant 

Carl Colwell     
MN Valley History Learning Center

Fewer Americans travel these days simply because fewer can afford to travel.   Many people simply aren’t aware of their own back yard beauty!  Your back yard is Minnesota’s best kept secret; I am talking about the great Minnesota River Valley corridor winding its environmental magic from Granite Falls to historic Fort Ridgley State park.  This 68 mile run is what we have tabbed as Tatanka Bluff Corridor (TBC).

We are very excited about the future of TBC and want to share with you, so please plan to attend the event so you can hear first hand these exciting presentations about our “back yard treasure”.

RSVP for the event by emailing Julie Rath at

We look forward to seeing you,

Tatanka Bluff Corridor Board Members
Dick Hagan, Nancy Standfuss, Annie Tepfer, Matt Baumgartner, Colleen Marcus, Alyssa Adam, Jon Wogen, Julie Rath, Loran Kaardal, Tom Hollatz and Mark Erickson.

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