2012 Area Saddle Club Ride Schedule

2012 Area Saddle Club Ride Schedule

May 28th, 2012

2012 Area Saddle Club Rides

Date                  Trail Club                                          Location                                                                  Start Time
June 8-9-10 Amigo Riders Paid ride            Marvin Breitkreutz/Monument Farm Fri 7 pm, Sat-9:30 & 1:30, Sun 9:30am
June 11           UMTRA meeting/ride                 Upper Sioux State Park                             7:00pm
July 8               Maynard’s Trail Club                  Spring Farm/S of Sacred Heart          1:45pm
July 9              UMTRA meeting/ride                 Beaver Falls Co Park                                   7:00pm
July 15           Amigo Riders                                     Marvin Breitkreutz                                     1:45pm
July 22           Triple T Club                                       Stan Schmidt                                                   1:45pm
Aug 4 & 5       UMTRA Clubs                                    Skalbekken Co Park #1                               9:30am & 1:30pm
Aug 13            UMTRA meeting/ride                 Upper Sioux State Park                             7:00pm
Aug 26           Valley Riders                                   Upper Sioux State Park                              1:45pm
Sep 7-8-9      Redwood Valley Riders              N. Redwood Club Grounds                       9:30am, 1:30pm
Oct 7               Redwood Valley Riders              Beaver Falls Co Park                                     1;45pm

Helpful Websites & Contact Information

www.equinenow.com , www.horsetraildirectory.com , www.mntrailriders.com

www.trailsource.com , www.mnhorsecouncil.org , www.dnr.state.mn.us/horseback_riding

Amigo Riders:                              Allison Larsen 507.823.1286

Redwood Valley Riders:        Dick Brown 507.641.8159

Hawk Creek Saddle Club:      Dave Hendrickson 320.841.0749

FairFax Saddle Club:              Sarah Maass 507.340.7859

Sunktanka Riders:                   Cindy Wittwer Swierenga 507.644.8075

Tripple T Saddle Club:            Jason Schmidt 507.925.3099

Valley Riders:                              Greg Reeks 320.765.2390

Fort Ridgely Equestrian:     Sarah Maass 507.340.7859

2012 MTRA Rides Trail Rides (The Minnesota Trail Riders Association)

  MTRA Mini Ride

June 2-3 Lac Qui Parle State & County Park

Contact: Becky Feist 320-276-8754

MTRA Summer Round-up Ride

June 22-24 Wild River State Park

Contact: DeeAnn Houck 763-413-0270,



August 17-19 Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park

Contact: DeeAnn Houck

MTRA Adventure Ride

August 25 – Sept 3 NE National Forest

Soldier Creek Wilderness, Pine Ridge Trails

MTRA Fall Round-up Ride

September 14-16 Zumbro Bottoms State Forest

Contact: DeeAnn Houck



 Respect: I will respect the landowners property.

Litter: I will not litter the land and will pick up litter along

the trails and dispose of it properly.

Behavior: I will behave with decorum so as not to endanger the lives of myself, my companions, landowners, pets, or livestock.

Legalities: I will assume full responsibility for my own

welfare and that of my horse when crossing land with the

landowner’s permission. I will adhere to the rules of the facility.

Alcohol/Drugs: I will not ride while intoxicated.

Dogs: I will not allow a dog to accompany me while riding across private property and will follow the pet rules that apply in state parks, trails, and forests.

Crop Respect: I will treat landowner’s crops with respect, not trampling them or allowing my horse to eat them.

Trails: I will ride so that a designated trail will not be made

unnecessarily wider.

Weapons: I will not carry or use weapons of any kind.

Responsibility: I will accept full responsibility for the actions of children under the age of 18, and those of my guests.

Private Trails: I will ride on private trails in small groups with respect to the landowner.

Maintenance: I will spend a given number of hours per year helping establish and maintain the trails to which the group has been granted access.

Damage Control: I will not cut fences, vandalize property, or leave gates other then the way they were found. I will notify the landowner if I discover broken fences or loose livestock & help in any way I can.

Area Trails & Camping

Excellant horse trail riding is available at

Renville County’s Skalbekken and Beaver Falls parks as well as Fort Ridgley State Park, and the Upper Sioux Agency State Park.

Interesting in camping at one of Renville County’s parks? Many camping sites include tie out areas for your horses, call 320-523-3768 for more information.

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