Buffalo Lake and its Rod and Gun Club

Buffalo Lake and its Rod and Gun Club

February 18th, 2013


By Jon Wogen
Buffalo Lake, a small prairie town in eastern Renville County may not be big in size, but it is large in community spirit and has a lot going for it. This town has more enthusiasm for itself than most towns. The people there are very community-oriented. Year around activities go on in this upstart little town. An example of the town’s attitude was shown when the town was messed up by a tornado a few years ago. They quickly rose from the tragedy.

Many years ago, a group of people who love to hunt, fish, and believed in conservation, formed the Buffalo Lake Rod and Gun Club. Clubs like this are rather rare in this day of busy people having so many things they must do. The Rod and Gun Club is active in public service to this day.

Fund-raising projects and Club activism have allowed the Club to help with water quality on Lake Allie just northeast of Buffalo Lake. A fishing pier was placed in the Renville County Park on Lake Allie by the Club, with a lot of support from the surrounding area.

A few years after the Lake Allie fishing pier was placed, another one was placed on Lake Preston, just south of Lake Allie. These are handicap accessible and are used by many.

The Club made a shooting range for club members and their guests to use this past summer. Trap, rifle and pistol ranges exist there.

So, what is the Club and the town up to in 2013? First item on the agenda is the Winterfest celebration on February 23 in which most people in the town and its businesses get involved.

  • On March 12, the Club presents a fishing workshop for kids in the Community Center. Kids will learn about fish, fishing rules, knot tying, casting, and will make a jig fly for their own use for crappie and walleye.
  • The Club holds its annual membership meeting on Saturday, March 16.
  • An early bird breakfast will be held on Saturday, April 20. The club gathers at sunrise to enjoy wildlife in a Wildlife Management Area northeast of Buffalo Lake. This is followed by a great breakfast and campfire.
  • Saturday June 22 marks the Club Team Bass Fishing Tournament to be held for members and their guest on an area lake.
  • July 19-21 marks Buffalo Lake Days, a great celebration for the town and its residents past and present. The Rod and Gun Club holds its main fundraiser at Buffalo Lake Days with a raffle.

The Buffalo lake Rod and Gun Club meets every second Tuesday of each month, for fellowship and planning of events.

Buffalo Lake Rod & Gun Club
PO Box 35
Buffalo Lake, MN 55314
Phone: (320) 510-2861

Fire Arm Safety Training, Wildlife Conservation, Clean Water, Lake Allie & Lake Preston improvements, Wildlife Food Plots. The BL Rod & Gun Club is the last active Rod & Gun Club in Renville County. Seeking new members!!
Yes, Buffalo Lake is a strong community and it is well-represented by the very active Rod and Gun Club.

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