November 19th, 2015

By Jon Wogen, TBC Board member, and printed with permission from the Renville County Register

There seems to be a lot of ruckus in this country right now. There have been a few high profile, high publicity active killer cases in recent months.

We wrote some time ago about how over 90 % of the perpetrators were either on, or had recently stopped taking psychiatric drugs. We also noted that many of these perpetrators are social misfits. Most of them had been recognized by family or friends that there was a serious mental health problem.

There is evidence that many, if not most of the active killer events take place in places where law-abiding citizens may not carry their defensive firearm. These are called “gun-free zones” in most literature. There is usually a sign near or on the door of the establishment that says “no guns allowed” or something similar.

A law-abiding citizen carrying a firearm feels he must not go into the store that doesn’t want him or her to go there. We hear the question, “Why would one waste his or her money on a store that doesn’t respect the trained, licensed, background-checked concealed carry person?” So, if a person wants to go into that store anyway, he locks his handgun in his truck and takes his chances by going into the store anyway. Can we assume that the store owner will protect the shopper?

Due to the frequency of active killers going into businesses and churches that are posted with the “no guns allowed” sign, we have evidence that the perpetrators actually do seek out a “safe killing place” for their mayhem. These people seem to want to kill as many people as possible and when confronted by the police, they often blow their own brains all over the business, mall or church.

Is it possible that the publicity that active killers get from such events makes another one want to try to out-do the perpetrator that he hears about on the news? Some folks think that is the case.

Also, have you noticed that when an active killer event occurs, some politicians rush to grandstand about “gun control”? They come up with all kinds of “laws” that they want to pass that they are very sure will help to stop these active killers. Actually what they propose might not help at all in this regard. The laws they propose would only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to own and use firearms. Criminals seem to disregard laws anyway don’t they? One shameful thing about these politicians is that they often make speeches at the location of the active killer’s shooting spree, often before the funerals of the victims have even been held. Blaming the gun instead of the active killer is like blaming pencils for misspelled words. That is what makes law-abiding gun owners so upset. The innuendo is that all gun owners are suspect and can’t be trusted with their firearms.

Another myth that law-abiding gun owners are faced with a lot is the so-called “Assault Rifle”. Many writers in newspapers have no clue just what an assault rifle is. The true assault rifle is a machine gun, fully automatic. This rifle can empty its magazine by just holding back the trigger. The military and law officers are the only ones who are able to use these firearms. The rifle civilians can own and shoot targets, varmints, and use for home defense is a semi-automatic Rifle. This rifle must have the trigger pulled each time it shoots.

Yes, the capacity of the magazines can be awesome in the civilian sporting rifle, up to 30 rounds or so, but if the magazine capacity is limited to 10, one can just own several and exchange them as they empty. Practice allows this exercise to be done very quickly. Magazine capacity is not the answer to more “safety”.

Recent FBI figures about the use of the civilian model of sporting rifle or assault rifle shows very few are used in crime. One quarter of one per cent of all crimes involve a semi-automatic model of the so-called assault rifle. Gun owners are frustrated that this figure is never seen in “news reports” about an active killer rampage.

Not so long ago, Ferguson, MO had riots over a cop killing of a young male perpetrator who had recently robbed a store. The town was burned by looters and rioters. Many stores were burned down except for a few. These were protected by the store owners and their friends. These folks were armed with the civilian model of the assault rifle. The large capacity magazines discouraged the crowds from attacking and burning those stores. That also didn’t make the news from Ferguson. The court found the cop not guilty as he was defending himself from the perpetrator.

For their own safety, cops often back off during a full-fledged riot like that one. The citizens then were on their own. Who can blame the cops for protecting themselves?

Many gun owners are upset about the “bad news” coming from the “leaders” and news people when there has been an active killer situation. Some law-abiding citizens see the deterioration of race relations in this country and wonder why that is happening? Are there some politicians who like to see the races more separate and lacking in trust of each other? What would be their motive?

In a crisis, who, really, is going to protect you? You can always depend on yourself. When seconds count, cops are only minutes away.

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