In memory of Jon Wogen

In memory of Jon Wogen

March 2nd, 2016

For the past year, Jon Wogen, who wrote outdoor news articles for the Renville County Register, and with their permission he shared them on our TBC website.   In January, Jon’s life ended after a courageous fight with cancer.   He was a board member of Tatanka Bluffs and very passionate about our vision, mission, and goals to promote our region as an outdoor tourism destination.   Our March newsletter is full of updates on what is happening in the TBC area, but also dedicated to Jon’s passion and vision for the “Pond Park” in Olivia!   We have setup a account (live link in our newsletter)  for you to make a contribution in memory of Jon which will go toward this park project he had envisioned!    Thank you for your support of our memorial efforts and for you continued support for Tatanka Bluffs!

We miss Jon Wogen!   Blessed be his contributions, talents, and memory!!

—The Tatanka Bluffs Board of Directors

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