Green Corridor Initiative

Creating Outdoor Recreation

When the Glacial River Warren carved out the Minnesota River Valley more than 10,000 years ago, it left behind one of the most scenic and historic Minnesota landscape corridors. Today, the region features unique geology and plant communities hiding among miles of undisturbed, pristine wilderness.

The Green Corridor Initiative aims to acquire, restore, preserve and develop these unique resources. Ultimately, this will result in a path of connecting properties running from the Upper Sioux Agency State Park to Fort Ridgely State Park. In so doing, the Initiative will help to transform Tatanka Bluffs and the Minnesota River Valley into a premier recreation destination for travelers throughout the Upper Midwest.

The Long Term Impact

The Green Corridor Initiative will preserve and protect the unique ecological resources of a historical corridor, while providing the necessary public infrastructure to create a renewable recreational industry. Once the project is complete, the trails will connect the ecological, cultural and historical points of interest that exist within the Minnesota River Valley.

For more information about the Green Corridor Initiative, or to learn about how you can become involved, please contact us.

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