For The Future Of Our Counties

At Tatanka Bluffs Corridor, Inc., our organization was formed and operates for the benefit of the citizens of Redwood and Renville Counties and their future generations. Our mission is to create “A vibrant, prosperous corridor stretching along the Minnesota River and across Redwood and Renville Counties that teems with economic, cultural and recreational opportunities because citizens repeatedly join hands to strengthen and share its unique assets.”

Our Plans For Economic Development

We recognize that development is a choice; growth will not appear without the hard work and efforts of our community members. Our Board purposefully intends to facilitate the development of the infrastructure to support a multi-faceted recreation industry that will make this corridor a competitive recreation destination.

Every day, we work to create economic viability and sustainability for the Minnesota River Valley corridor. In addition to the direct actions of our members and contributors, we empower local residents to lead the way. We encourage communication, collaboration and cooperation, amongst leaders, volunteers and concerned residents.

A Place Where Our Children Will Choose to Stay

Our primary goal is to make this two-county spatial community a healthy, desirable region where people choose to live, work, play, worship, and raise their families.

For more information about our mission or to discuss ways in which you might be able to contribute to the development of Tatanka Bluffs, please contact us today.