Committed to Development

Tatanka Bluffs Corridor, Inc. supports the economic growth and development of the 26 communities located throughout Redwood and Renville counties. To make this possible, we rely heavily on the efforts of our Board of Directors and other dedicated volunteers.

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of two Ex Officio Directors and seven elected Directors. Elected directors serve three-year staggered terms, during which time they work to support the economic development of the Tatanka Bluffs community.

Our current board members include:

  • Mark Erickson (Ex Officio)
  • Julie Rath (Ex Officio)
  • Loran Kaardal (Ex Officio)
  • Dick Hagen
  • Anne Johnson
  • Annie Tepfer
  • Ted Suss
  • Nancy Standfuss
  • Jon Wogen

If you are a resident of Redwood or Renville County and you are interested in contributing to the growth and development of Tatanka Bluffs, please contact us.

Our Volunteers

Tatanka Bluffs Corridor, Inc. is a volunteer-driven organization, fueled by the passion of the people of Redwood and Renville County. All of our accomplishments to date have been a direct result of our volunteers’ efforts.

We are always looking for people who have great ideas and the passion to see these ideas through to completion.  Do you want to assist in the development and revitalization of Tatanka Bluffs? Come talk to us. We will help you connect with the resources and people you need to get your ideas off the ground. Working together, we can ensure the continuing vitality of Tatanka Bluffs and make it the place that future generations will continue to call home.