Miles of Pristine Wilderness

Hoping to spend a night under the stars? Step inside the campgrounds of Tatanka Bluffs and you’ll feel a million miles away from the worries of the world. With three state parks and five regional parks, we have plenty of space for everyone. Campgrounds are available in almost all of our parks, including:

  • Fort Ridgely State Park
  • Upper Sioux Agency State Park
  • Alexander Ramsey Park
  • Plum Creek County Park
  • Beaver Falls Park
  • Birch Coulee Park
  • Lake Allie Park
  • Mack Lake Park
  • Skalbekken Park
  • Vicksburg Park

Know Before You Go: Camping in Minnesota

Before you head off for your camping trip in Tatanka Bluffs, make sure you’re prepared. Check the campgrounds where you’re planning to stay to ensure that the campground has space for the night. Make sure you bring the gear necessary to make your trip enjoyable. Among other things, a waterproof tent, warm sleeping bag, proper food and plenty of water can help to ensure that everyone has a great time.

Outdoor Adventures for the Whole Family

Camping is just the beginning of your adventures in Tatanka Bluffs. When you’re not setting up camp or telling stories around the campfire, you can take to the trails on your bike or visit one of our local horse stables. Test your skills at geocaching or learn about the history of the Minnesota River Valley.