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If you enjoy scavenger hunts, you might enjoy geocaching in Tatanka Bluffs and the surrounding Minnesota River Valley area. Geocaching is high-tech form form of searching for buried treasure. Equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) or other navigational aid, participants search for all around the world for hidden treats, known as caches.

A common cache is a small, durable container such as a tupperware box. Inside the cache is a logbook containing a history of people who have discovered that cache. Sometimes participants use larger containers and the caches contain small trinkets or personal items to trade.

Some caches are readily accessible from the roads, while others require searchers to look a bit further off the beaten path. Searching for a geocache is an excellent way to explore previously unknown areas in Tatanka Bluffs.

Ready to take a step further and set up your own geocache for others to find? Make sure to follow the rules and regulations established by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Tatanka Bluffs: Where Families Can Afford to Explore

Finding geocaches can be a fun and inexpensive family adventure. To explore, all you need is a GPS device and comfortable shoes, and geocaching can be enjoyed by all age groups. You can incorporate geocaching into a larger hiking or biking trip, or you can make this the focal point of the day. Most importantly, when searching for a cache, you can choose an option that is appropriate for your family.

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