Hiking and Biking

Trails That Tell Tails

In Tatanka Bluffs, our hiking and biking trails offer more than just scenic routes and breathtaking views; the paths weave through our local historic sites. Wandering through Fort Ridgely State Park, for example, you can explore a place where history happened and learn about the U.S.-Dakota conflict of 1862, one of the major events in Minnesota’s early history.

Our trails will take you through a wide range of terrain, from easy to challenging, making this an ideal outdoor adventure for all visitors, regardless of their general activity levels. The trails wind through mostly wooded areas and open prairie areas, providing varied landscapes along with shade to help protect hikers from the heat of the summer months.

For more information about hiking in Tatanka Bluffs, visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The Range of Terrain Offers Something For Everyone

Tatanka Bluffs offers a unique recreation destination with hiking and biking trails to match every age and activity level. Whether you’re looking for demanding mountain biking trails or a casual hike along the Minnesota River, you’ll find the appropriate terrain in Redwood and Renville Counties. Explore the natural beauty of Minnesota at your own pace; come visit Tatanka Bluffs.

Plans for Future Expansion

Although Tatanka Bluffs currently offers significant opportunities for hiking and biking, we are always pushing for further growth. Tatanka Bluffs Corridor, Inc. is aggressively pursuing grant funding for major expansions of our trails.

Among those who enjoy outdoor activities, Tatanka Bluffs is already recognized as one of the hidden gems of Southwest Minnesota. With this commitment to ongoing expansion, our region will only grow in esteem.