Hunting & Fishing

Miles of Pristine Wilderness

Looking for the perfect hunting grounds to find your first 12-point-buck? Hoping to catch walleye and cook it over an open fire for dinner tonight? Get your licenses in order and come visit Tatanka Bluffs. Featuring miles of pristine wilderness, the Minnesota River Valley attracts hunters and fishers from across the Upper Midwest.

The most commonly hunted public lands in Minnesota are state wildlife management areas, state forests, national forests, and federal waterfowl production areas.

In Tatanka Bluffs, hunters find a wide variety of opportunities in all hunting seasons. The most popular game species in the area include pheasant, turkey, waterfowl and deer. The most common waterfowl species include the Canada goose, mallard, teal, wood duck and pintail, though the fall migration brings several other species of waterfowl to the region. Over the past decade, pheasant populations have increased dramatically in Southwestern Minnesota. Fishing opportunities abound in the lakes and rivers of the region, particularly in the Minnesota River. Many of our state and county parks feature excellent fishing grounds.

Know Before You Go: Hunting & Fishing in Minnesota

Before you plan your hunting or fishing trip Tatanka Bluffs, make sure you understand the rules and regulations. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources maintains updated guides for hunters and fishers. These guides can help even experienced outdoorsman from running afoul of the laws.

Outdoor Adventures for the Whole Family

Of course, the same land that makes excellent terrain for for hunting & fishing also provides a great backdrop for other outdoor activities. While you hunt, your family can canoe down the Minnesota River or explore local events in Redwood and Renville counties.