Observing Wildlife

Minnesota’s Natural Habitat

Whether you’re an experienced ornithologist or an amateur explorer, Tatanka Bluffs offers opportunities to experience Minnesota wildlife in its natural habitat. Observing wildlife is among the most affordable recreational activities, and the abundant wildlife in Redwood and Renville counties affords visitors ample opportunities to explore the natural world.

A Guide for Birders Wondering what birds you might find in Tatanka Bluffs? The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is here to help. The DNR has created Birding Opportunity Guides for both Fort Ridgely State Park and the Upper Sioux Agency State Park. Both versions provide useful information for birdwatchers throughout Tatanka Bluffs and the Minnesota River Valley.

Aside from birds, what other animals can visitors expect to see? Some of the wildlife known to reside in the Minnesota River Valley and the surrounding areas include:

  • waterfowl
  • eastern wild turkeys
  • opossum
  • shrews and moles
  • rabbits
  • weasels
  • raccoons
  • river otters
  • minks
  • badgers
  • red and grey foxes
  • squirrels
  • skunks
  • white-tailed deer
  • turtles
  • coyotes
  • prairie skinks
  • snakes
  • salamanders
  • toads
  • frogs

Although not all of these animals are of particular interest to wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and hikers, the abundance of wildlife in all forms makes the Tatanka Bluffs region excellent for observational trips with the whole family. Small children may not appreciate the rare birds, but generally enjoy playing with more common species, such as rabbits and frogs.

Outdoor Adventures for the Whole Family

Of course, the same land that makes excellent terrain for for bird watching and deer spotting also provides a great backdrop for other outdoor activities. While you scan the skies and search the forests, your family can explore local events in Redwood and Renville counties or try horseback riding.