A Chance To Get Away

In Tatanka Bluffs, our state and county parks are open for all to enjoy. Our parks offer family-friendly campgrounds with beaches and hiking trails nearby. We have miles of trails to accommodate every kind of activity: hiking, hunting, mountain biking, OHV riding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, and more.

Experience the natural beauty of Tatanka Bluffs by visiting any one of our parks, featuring primitive stands of trees, wildflowers and native prairies, a wide variety of wild animals and unique of bedrock outcroppings located along the banks of the Minnesota River. Generally, admission for park use is free, with modest charges for camping and shelter reservations.

  • Fort Ridgely State Park: Want to learn more about the U.S.-Dakota Conflict of 1862? Play volleyball or softball? Explore the trails on horseback? Play a few rounds of golf? From historical tourism to cross-country skiing, mountain biking to hunting, Fort Ridgely State Park has something for everyone.
  • Alexander Ramsey Park: Covering 219 acres, Alexander Ramsey Park is the largest municipal park in the State of Minnesota. The park serves as a focal point for community events, festivals and summer activities in Tatanka Bluffs.
  • Upper Sioux Agency State Park: Contained within the 1,280 acres of the park, visitors find varied terrain, ranging from open prairies knolls to cool, wooded slopes. The park features ideal terrain for a variety of activities, including horseback riding, hiking, skiing and snowmobiling.
  • Plum Creek County Park: Plum Creek, best known as the site of misadventures for a young Laura Ingalls Wilder, remains a favorite destination spot for Tatanka Bluffs visitors today. This 205-acre park offers private, tree-lined campgrounds and hiking paths along Lake Laura.
  • Anderson Lake Park: Anderson Park is an ideal location for daytime activities such as shoreline fishing and picnicking.
  • Beaver Falls Park: This 302-acre park is divided into two segments, with horse campgrounds along the north side of the park and rustic campgrounds on the south end, along Beaver Creek. Both parts of the park offer scenic lookouts, wooded ravines, and a chance to enjoy undisturbed wilderness.
  • Birch Coulee Park: The park has special significance for those interested in historical tourism, as it is adjacent to the battlefield where a decisive engagement took place in the U.S.-Dakota conflict. The park is great for picnicking, rustic overnight camping and large reunions.
  • Lake Allie Park: Located just six miles northeast of Buffalo Lake, this 4.4 acre park features camping sites for up to 16 RVs and 6 tents. The park includes a dock and fishing pier, making it a popular destination for camping, fishing, water recreation and family gatherings.
  • Mack Lake Park: Mack Lake Park is located just off of Country Road 5, along the Minnesota River Scenic Byway. The park features ancient black granite outcrops and primitive stands of trees along a shallow, spring-fed lake, along with access to the Minnesota River.
  • Skalbekken Park: Skalbekken Park is known throughout the region for its horseback riding and hiking trails, with terrain ranging from flat to hilly with creek crossings. The park is a popular destination for horse and rustic camping, hiking, picnicking, fishing and mountain bike enthusiasts.
  • Vicksburg Park: Located just 10 miles south of Renville on Country Road 6, Vicksburg Park offers a scenic landscape for rustic camping, fishing, picnicking and group activities.   The Park is named for the now-abandoned ghost town which was located along the easterly border from the late l860s until 1905.    The Vicksburg Park area was home to Renville County’s first business, a trading post established by French Fur traders around 1783.  In 1833, the fur trading post was run by Joseph Renville, whom the County was named after.  Vicksburg Park’s 241 acres feature amazing and ancient granite and gneiss rock outcrops that town high above the Minnesota River, a large sand bar and oxbow ponds.  Due to the unique rock formations, Vicksburg is home to the Juniper Hairstreak Butterfly, Five Lined Skink and other reptiles.  Wildlife that can be found through the park includes a variety of bats, squirrels, rabbits, northern river otter, red fox, raccoons, white-tailed deer, mink, hawks, owls, wild turkeys and a variety of song birds.  Park amenities include a shelter, restroom facility, opportunities for rustic camping and picnic area which includes spaces for camp fires.  Visitors can enjoy the park by car ont he nearly two miles of road that wander through grasslands and a dense canopy of hardwoods.  Vicksburg’s hiking trails are being improved and expanded and are suitable for hikers and extreme bike enthusiasts.

For more information about the Renville County Parks, specifically, call 320-523-3768. For general inquiries about parks in Tatanka Bluffs, contact us through email.

Where Families Can Afford to Explore

In Tatanka Bluffs, we’re committed to providing outdoor activities and adventures the entire family can enjoy. This doesn’t just mean providing all-ages activities though; we realize the importance of family friendly pricing. Whether you’re spending the night camping or exploring the parks during the day and opting for alternative lodging arrangements, your stay in Tatanka Bluffs won’t break the bank.